Anne Samante, better known as Samante is one lady with a catchy name to match her captivating personality. Career-wise, she’s an Accounts and Administrative officer at MPIDO – a Kenyan NGO. Beyond her career, she’s a wife, a mother of three, and a scholar; pursuing a PhD in Leadership and Governance.

She’s a lady with quite a lot on her plate, but she makes time for a little,  well; a lot, of retail therapy. Clothes, shoes, jewellery – you name it. In fact, shopping is her favourite hobby, and we love it!  

She discovered Vivo in 2015 through social media when she was expectant and had gone for a little shopping spree at the Galleria Mall. Since then, she’s been hooked absolutely loves the versatility of our designs.

Speaking of love, Samante has been married for a commendable 15 years. Some celebrities have been known to be married for all for 55-72 hours so 15 years is the long-haul guys! She’s definitely a keeper. As for romance in marriage and after kids, Samante feels that the romance only dies if you and your partner kill it. Matter of fact, it might even die before the kids come.

She says that the important thing is to understand that as a couple, having kids means you’ll spend the bulk of your relationship’s time raising them – time that takes away from among other things, the romance sector. However, making time to talk to your spouse and share special, fun and romantic moments albeit short, will always keep the love alive. 

Happy Valentines from Samante!

Interviewed by: Steffany Ghero.