Five years later, and two amazing children down the line, mumpreneur Maureen Waititu and fitpreneur Frankie are a match made in heaven. How they meet? Well, that’s a three-part story.

The first time the @_alphabeta duo met was at an after party with a mutual friend. Frankie was immediately drawn to Mo. She on the other hand, by her own admission, didn’t notice him enough to be the slightest bit attracted.

Their second meet was not even face-to-face. Frankie happened to see her on a billboard and asked a friend about her. Nothing more transpired from that.

Their third and final meet was on social media. It all goes down in the DM people! He liked a series of her pics and after a heartfelt conversation and a dash of chemistry, they moved on to really getting to know each other – romantic dates and all. They’ve been together since then, and with two little ones in tow, theirs is an everlasting bond.

As for romance after the kids, the concerns of providing and nurturing does take a toll on the sizzling romance that singles enjoy. However, bagging yourself a partner for life seems like a pretty good deal if you ask me.

Mo loves Frankie for (among other reasons), the fact that he’s a good provider, a wonderful dad and a resilient man. Frankie on the other hand adores the powerful woman that Maureen is. She’s responsible, strong and very good with the kids. He couldn’t ask for anyone else to be the mother of his children and his Valentine all year round.

Interviewed by: Steffany Ghero.